AYA YAMANAKA is designing and creating clothing out of everyday common materials – from towels, curtains, and blankets, to left over textiles and unworn clothing. A sustainable process of reimagining deteriorated fabrics; typically used in home goods, and transforming them into new pieces of clothing, giving them a completely new purpose and life. An ethical, responsible, and transparent path, challenging the fashion industry’s shortcomings.


Bunch of Waste

2021 Shvetams / Shimane, Japan
2021 NOK / Osaka, Japan

Conversive Dresser

2020 KHASSEL / Gerswalde, Germany
2021 small works apartment HEN / Nara, Japan
2021 NOK / Osaka, Japan

Made to Measure

2019 Cafe zum Löwen / Gerswalde, Germany

BAG installation

2017 Gemüse ecke / Gerswalde, Germany

Work experience

BLESS Berlin
Leonor Antunes
Chiharu Shiota
Dimitri Arvanitis


email: hello@ayayamanaka.com
sns: instagram @ayayamanaka_
online shop: ayayamanaka.stores.jp

 Aya Yamanaka

email: info@ayayamanaka.com
sns: instagram @ayayamanaka_
online: ayayamanaka.stores.jp